About us

About us:

DashtSabzAtie (DSA), established by some academic staff members of university of Tehran and ministry of agriculture researchers at 2007. Different consultants have been tried to develop scientific and trade activities in DSA like as; Entomologists, Plant Pathologists, Nematologists, Horticultural specialists, Soil Science researchers and ect.

DSA is a member of Agricultural & Natural Resources Engineering Organization of Iran (ANREO), Iran Organic Association (IOA).

DSA, get patent of BAGA, an organic growth media (see the page of products) at 2010 and entered to the University of Tehran Science & Technology Park (UTSTP) as a knowledge based company.

We, with pleasure would like to collaborate with researchers, scientists, university students and all peoples who are interested in our missions…

Our Vision:

DashtSabzAtie (DSA), according to the world goals on making clean environment, food security and sustainable agriculture, as a knowledge based company try to use new technologies in production of biological and organic agricultural inputs and organic crops for deleting agricultural pollutants from food chain. DSA also offer different scientific and special services on sustainable agriculture and organic crops production.

Our Mission

Dangerous agricultural pollutants residual, chemical fertilizers and pesticidesenter to food chainand cause serious diseases which threat our health. We offer you our long term researches and academic experiences in order to eliminate some of these pollutants and produce organic crops to take you health and joy of life:


  • Rainy red worm, Eiseniafetida
  • Source of animalproteins for feed of livestock, poultry and fish
  • Bio-organic fertilizers
  • Insect’s bio-control agents (Predators, Parasitoids and Pathogens)
  • New safe pesticides with Nano Technology
  • Bio-insecitides
  • Insect’s deterrents and antifeedent
  • Plant growth media
  • Organic vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Dried organic fruits
  • Home organic garden; vegetables and medicinal plants

B-Scientific services:

  • Consultant in Sustainable agriculture
  • Research, teaching and extension in delete of agricultural pollutants from environment
  • Consultant in organic crops production
  • Organic waste materials management; Garbage, agricultural waste materials, dung and food industries waste materials
  • Consultant in plant protection services and IPM
  • Landscape design and protection by new technologies in urban and home scales

C- Others:

  • Research in sustainable agriculture and environment
  • Scientific papers presentation in international and national congresses
  • Scientific books and papers publishing
  • Scientific workshops and term courses teaching
  • Collaboration with different university and academic centers for advising MSc and PhD thesis
  • Establishment of cluster companies for trading of new technologies in agriculture
  • Participating in international and national scientific and trade exhibitions